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April 2014, Volume 3, Issue 4

How cloud desktops stem VDI costs

Though Amazon's cost savings claims appear inflated, DaaS can eliminate much of the infrastructure cost associated with building VDI -- especially storage costs. "Some companies say 'The heck with VDI' and move to DaaS because their storage costs are six times what cloud providers pay," said Mike Chase, chief technology officer of dinCloud Inc., a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provider. DaaS vs. VDI Part 1: DaaS vs. VDI: Why the comparisons might not be fair Part 2: How cloud desktops stem VDI costs Part of the reason virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is so expensive is that administrators try to use the same infrastructure for virtualizing servers as they do desktops, Chase said. "Building [VDI] with a SAN, with low-end servers from Dell and [Hewlett-Packard], using iSCSI and Fibre channel, turned out to be horrible for VDI," Chase said. That's because virtual desktops -- especially persistent desktops -- generate a lot of IOPS. This leads to storage use issues, and companies have little choice but to throw more storage gear ...

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