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October 2012, Volume 1, Issue 1

VDI performance still falls short of PCs

VDI vendors claim that virtual desktops trump Windows PCs, yet they have bent over backwards in recent years to deliver a PC-like experience. IT pros want to know: Why not just use a PC? Nearly every acquisition and improvement Citrix Systems Inc. and VMware Inc. have made to their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offerings in recent years has been in the vein of delivering a full PC experience. They have yet to achieve that goal for VDI performance. Even VDI devotees are singing 'Kumbaya.' Citrix and VMware both added offline support to allow users to work on virtual desktops without an Internet connection. Each has also acquired profile management software that gives end users the type of personalized experience they get with PCs. Plus, both vendors continually improve their remote desktop protocol technologies with the goal of delivering PC-like performance for virtual desktops. (Teradici, the vendor that delivers VMware's protocol, refers to PC over IP [PCoIP] as the "protocol that enables a true PC experience for ...

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