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April 2015, Volume 4, Issue 4

Desktop virtualization vendors don't need to manage your infrastructure

Last month I was talking to Ericom about the release of its upcoming product -- Ericom Connect, a connection broker/app publishing platform for Remote Desktop Session Host, VDI and physical desktops. I asked if it could hook into the underlying platform to automatically spin up VDI desktop instances as needed. They answered no, but I got the sense that they wanted to say that they would look into this for future releases. "Stop!" I interrupted. "Before you answer, let me tell you that this is OK. You don't need manage the platform, you just need to focus on managing users and apps." If you look at what Citrix has historically offered (way back to WinFrame/MetaFrame and through today with XenApp and XenDesktop), many of its features have managed the "infrastructure" of the environment, including: images assembling disk images from multiple sources provisioning desktops and servers powering on/off and suspending/resuming virtual machines (VMs) streaming disk images to VMs VMware Horizon 6 and Dell vWorkspace also have similar ...

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