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February 2014, Volume 3, Issue 2

Cloud scalability and price points give DaaS a leg up

New offerings from major vendors -- with pretty low price points -- plus the benefits of cloud scalability and performance, make Desktop as a Service (DaaS) more viable than ever. Customers can tiptoe their way into a new technology without having to make a huge capital investment. Think of DaaS like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that you pay for as a service from someone else. So traditional VDI means you build a bunch of servers in your own data center to host desktop VMs that your users access remotely. With DaaS, you don't build anything -- you just pay some provider for your users to access their desktops in the provider's cloud. From a technology standpoint, VDI and DaaS are exactly the same thing. The only difference is where the servers live and how you pay for them. The proof is in the pudding So why do we think 2014 will be the year of DaaS? There are a few reasons. First, back in October, VMware bought Desktone, one of the world's most prominent DaaS providers. This deal came as a surprise to many people, as ...

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