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April 2017, Vol. 1, No. 2

When should IT choose desktop delivery over published apps?

There are often valid reasons to include both application and full desktop delivery in the same organization, either on premises or in the cloud. For decades, businesses have used Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications to create productive workflows. At the center of this approach is the desktop PC, which stores data and serves as an access point for a variety of physical, virtual and web applications. Over time, much of the work within companies became more collaborative. At the same time, especially in large enterprises, control of sensitive data became more important. These two trends have led IT to keeping more data and applications on back-end servers where they can be both accessible and protected. Meanwhile, there is considerable focus on moving to the cloud. All organizations must consider what applications and data to put in the cloud and what to keep local. Improvements in networking and remote display protocols have made it possible to deliver a wider variety of applications from data centers to desktops...

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