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July/August 2017, Vol. 1, No. 5

Consider key factors in the physical vs. virtual desktop debate

Virtual desktop infrastructure has matured to the point that it is now a practical choice for many organizations. For some uses, VDI is clearly the best choice over physical desktops, whereas others may require a deeper look at its requirements and benefits. A virtual desktop performs much like a physical desktop, except that it is centralized in a data center and streams to the endpoint. The endpoint can be just about any physical device with network connectivity. When determining the go-forward strategy for physical vs. virtual desktops, IT administrators should consider a number of important items: What are the business and cost considerations associated with virtual desktops? If the definition of an endpoint changes, how will that affect how IT approaches application deployment? How does VDI disrupt the way users work, and what is the downstream effect on how IT manages the infrastructure? The answers to these questions differ based on the size, complexity and requirements of an organization. Business and cost considerations...

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