VMworld 2013- Defy Convention.

A new era of innovation and mobility calls for a new world of computing. To lead in this landscape, you need IT services built on a flexible architecture that doesn’t just meet business expectations but exceeds them.

 For 10 years, VMworld has been your source for the knowledge and connections you need to extend the benefits of virtualization to all data center services and exceed your business expectations.

Join us at VMworld 2013 and continue your journey toward the modern data center. Participate in educational breakout sessions, cutting-edge hands-on labs and valuable networking opportunities. Gain the tools you need to transform conventional remedies into seamless, agile solutions that dramatically simplify your operations and provide unmatched business advantages.

Together, we can evolve from the ordinary and leave the pitfalls of legacy computing behind. This is the time to Defy Convention. This is VMworld 2013.