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The go-to guide for managing VDI users

If virtual desktop users notice any dip in quality or performance compared to their physical desktops, IT is in trouble. As a result, managing their profiles and focusing on the user experience are critical.


IT professionals running VDI deployments have a lot to worry about, but managing VDI users and keeping them happy is often their primary concern.

Lots of issues, including unexpected complexity and unanticipated costs, can stand in the way of a successful VDI deployment -- but nothing grinds things to a halt like unhappy users. One of the best ways to keep VDI users satisfied is to effectively manage their profiles and workspaces. If IT pros have control over those areas, it can go a long way toward improving the end-user experience.

Uncover what to look for in a user profile management tool and dive into the importance of VDI monitoring tools to ensure that performance stays up to snuff.

1User profile management-

How to manage user profiles in a VDI deployment

Even with VDI, most users want their desktops to be their own. When they log on, they expect to see the apps they need, the files they've saved and the customizations they've made. To keep track of all this, IT can turn to user profile management to enable users to maintain their settings even in nonpersistent deployments. They can also look to roaming profiles to deliver a cohesive experience across devices.


What to look for in profile management tools

Discover five features the best user profile management tools for VDI should come with, including scalability, contextual awareness and simple management. Continue Reading


When to consider advanced user profile management

IT might need more advanced user profile management than what it can get from its VDI vendor. Learn when IT pros can get away with built-in utilities and when they should upgrade. Continue Reading


Explore profile management for nonpersistent VDI

Take a closer look at the user profile management tools on the market and learn how they can help with nonpersistent VDI. Continue Reading


Deliver consistency with roaming profiles

Users demand a consistent virtual desktop experience. Admins can turn to roaming profiles, which store profile-specific user data in a centralized location. Continue Reading


How do roaming profiles work?

One of the longest standing ways to carry over a user's settings from a PC to a virtual desktop is through a Microsoft roaming user profile, which lives on Windows Server rather than a dedicated PC. Continue Reading

2End-user experience-

How to deliver the best user experience possible

Users often can't articulate their problems effectively to IT. They usually just say, "My computer is slow." As a result, IT pros should look into VDI monitoring tools that can help pinpoint where problems are happening so they can more quickly and effectively fix them. VDI monitoring tools can also help prevent problems from reoccurring or happening in the first place.


Hard facts meet subjectivity in virtual desktop UX

When it comes to VDI user experience, IT must combine the metrics it gathers about the UX with the perceptions of virtual desktop users. Continue Reading


Agent-based vs. virtual user-based UX monitoring

Desktop user experience monitoring can help IT pros keep VDI running and users happy. They can pick between an agent-based or a virtual user-based approach. Continue Reading


What can user environment management do for VDI shops?

Find out what IT can do with user environment management tools, what to look for in a good product and where roaming profiles fit into the mix. Continue Reading


Mobile VDI isn't the problem it used to be

The mobile VDI user experience is a pain point with desktop virtualization, but workers' devices are better equipped than ever to support virtual desktops. Advances in VDI software don't hurt, either. Continue Reading


Sources of shadow IT problems for VDI shops

The shadow IT risk is very real for VDI shops, and it can result in security and compliance issues, which could cause major problems for organizations. Continue Reading

3User environment management -

How well do you understand user environment management?

Find out how well you know the ins and outs of user environment management tools.

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4Key terms-

VDI user management terms to know

Familiarize yourself with the most important terms when it comes to user management in VDI deployments.

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