Guide to virtual desktop management tools

Last updated:January 2015

Editor's note

Managing a virtual desktop deployment isn't always a snap, but there are tools that can make it easier.

Performance monitoring and user profile management are two of the keys to making sure your virtual desktops run smoothly. You'll know if there's a performance problem because help desk tickets with user complaints will start rolling in, but if you have performance monitoring tools, they can alert you to potential problems without angering the mob. Monitoring tools can also help you find and troubleshoot any one-off problems that might come up.

Many users would also be unhappy without the ability to customize their desktops. That's where profile management tools come in. You can use them to deploy a default configuration of settings to workers who all have the same needs, or you can allow each user to have his or her own profile. Learn more about the tools you can use to manage virtual desktops and profiles in this guide.

1User profile management

Managing user profiles is no easy task in a virtual environment. When users each want or need different settings on their virtual desktops, it can cause headaches for you. On the bright side, there's a glut of profile management tools to choose from, including options built into your VDI software and third-party options.