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Guide to VMware Horizon View

Go back to the basics with this guide on VMware View, and find out what's on the Horizon for the company's flagship desktop virtualization software.


For many desktop virtualization administrators, VMware Horizon View is the name of the game. If you use View virtual desktops -- or you're considering deploying them -- make sure you understand the components, management options and troubleshooting tricks that go with this software.

Do you know how to create pools with VMware Horizon View? What about providing HTML access to virtual desktops? And how do you solve View Connection Server issues to keep your users online?

Find the answers to these questions, plus a comparison between View and Citrix XenDesktop, in this guide to VMware Horizon View.

1Back to basics-

Fundamentals of VMware View

With the conception of VMware Inc.'s Horizon Suite, View was folded into a product suite that also includes Horizon Workspace, for enterprise mobility management, and Horizon Mirage, for single image management. Before you get into the more advanced features of View 5.2, check out the details on View components, learn how to create desktop pools and use some of the newest features, such as Blast and SE Sparse disks.


Reviewing VMware View components

Some components of VMware View are optional, and some are required to make your virtual desktop infrastructure work. The View Agent, vCenter Server and View Connection Server are necessary, as well as the View Client. Continue Reading


Creating View pools

To simplify desktop management, you can create a pool of View virtual desktops in just a few short steps through the View Administrator console. The Add Desktop wizard walks you through most of the steps, and the View Manager can automatically create desktops. Continue Reading


When to use SE Sparse disks with Horizon View desktops

Space-efficient Sparse (SE Sparse) disks, which were introduced in vSphere 5.1, reclaim wasted disk space on View 5.2 desktops, but SE Sparse disk shrinking should be scheduled for off-hours. Also be aware that the feature doesn't work with full clones of VMs. Continue Reading


Using Blast in VMware Horizon View 5.2

VMware Blast, formerly known as AppBlast, lets users access their virtual desktops via a browser without needing a client installed. It makes using virtual desktops easier for users, but with some tradeoffs. Blast isn't a replacement for View 5.2 clients and it can't provide the advanced features of PCoIP. Continue Reading


Best practices for your View implementation

If you research View's features, set up the deployment right and manage VDI well, your View implementation should go smoothly. Follow these best practices to get everything right. Continue Reading


How View compares to Citrix XenDesktop

There are more similarities between XenDesktop and View than differences, and there's no clear winner in the debate over which is better. They both support their own protocols and Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, but Citrix's platform has more flexibility when it comes to hypervisor support. Continue Reading

2Making it right-

Troubleshooting VMware View problems

Once you're used to the features and components involved with Horizon View, you may encounter some common roadblocks when using the product. Learn how to overcome storage and disk issues, user confusion and more.


Investigating problems with View Connection Server

With a few easy commands, you can troubleshoot problems such as install errors and authentication issues with a View Connection Server and its Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Continue Reading


Avoiding a failed View setup

Even the best-laid virtual desktop plans can fail. Some common problems, such as overcommitting your storage, can derail your View setup. Learn more about the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Continue Reading


Certificate tips to stop user confusion

VDI admins should plan ahead for View certificate installation so they can avoid spending time dealing with nervous users' help desk tickets. Continue Reading

3View in the news-

What's next for VMware Horizon View?

There has been a lot of chatter about VMware Horizon View: Is the Horizon Suite really worth the cost? Will VMware and Teradici part ways? What's in store for the next version of View? Read on for more news about Horizon View.


VMware prices Horizon Suite to sell ...

The Horizon Suite -- which includes Workspace, Mirage and View -- is priced competitively with View on its own, so it wouldn't make sense for companies that want View and another component of the suite to purchase them separately. The pricing changes encourage customers to go all in, even if it means purchasing tools and capabilities that they don't necessarily need yet. Continue Reading


...But some View shops aren't biting

Repackaging View as part of the Horizon Suite is a rebranding effort on VMware's part. In reality, current View users can upgrade to Horizon View 5.2 without purchasing the whole suite and it won't look any different. And companies that only need View benefit from a pricing break: View alone is $250 per user per year, while the suite is $300. Continue Reading


VMware won't leave Teradici in the lurch

PCoIP maker Teradici updated its server offload product for View environments to include unified communications support, zero client flexibility and a better user experience, but VMware has been working on a protocol of its own. The Blast HTML 5 protocol supports browser use to access View desktops. Though some see Blast as a reason for VMware and Teradici to part ways, a split is unlikely. Continue Reading

4Pop quiz-

Test your knowledge of View components

There are a lot of View components that VDI admins should be familiar with. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the various moving parts of View, and then we'll provide you with some resources so you can brush up on the questions you got wrong.

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