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A complete guide to XenApp and XenDesktop vs. Horizon

There is no love lost between VMware and Citrix, particularly when it comes to desktop and application virtualization. Get all of the information you need on both companies' VDI products.


Citrix and VMware are the top dogs in the VDI market. The two have been competing for years now and constantly work to one-up one another. As a result, it can be hard to know the truth about each company's desktop virtualization product.

This guide has IT covered with an in-depth look at XenApp and XenDesktop vs. Horizon. On the Citrix front, get information on what's new in the latest versions, key security features and more. Also, take a look at VMware Horizon's profile management tools and Instant Clone technology. Finally, learn more about both companies' cloud-based VDI offerings. 

1Explore XenApp and XenDesktop-

Everything IT must know about XenApp and XenDesktop

Citrix's XenApp and XenDesktop are the company's application and desktop virtualization tools, respectively. XenDesktop delivers complete virtual desktops to users and XenApp delivers specific resources. Find out how to update to the latest version of each tool, what AppDisk is and much more.


Updates to XenApp and XenDesktop

The Citrix-Microsoft alliance got a boost at Synergy 2016; XenDesktop 7.9 now supports Windows 10 desktop as a service, among other new features. Continue Reading


Which organizations should use XenDesktop?

Picking a VDI vendor is not easy. Find out which Citrix XenDesktop features make it a fit for organizations with mobile workers or graphics-intensive apps. Continue Reading


Azure Resource Manager helps deliver Citrix cloud desktops

Citrix and Microsoft brought Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to XenApp and XenDesktop in Citrix Cloud. ARM strengthens integration with Microsoft's Azure cloud service and allows admins to create machine catalogs -- a set of virtual machines admins can manage as one entity. Continue Reading


Secure Browser delivers full-service XenApp environments

Citrix Secure Browser isn't revolutionary, but it provides clientless, secure access to web applications, which could be useful for travelers or users who want to access internal apps without a virtual private network. Continue Reading


Citrix adds another app delivery tool

Citrix AppDisk, which is available in all editions of XenApp and XenDesktop, gives IT a way to deliver applications separately from base images. Continue Reading


How to simplify a XenDesktop farm migration

Learn some tips, tricks and tools to make the process of moving virtual machines from one set of XenDesktop servers to another a little easier. For example, hardware upgrades are unavoidable and necessary. Continue Reading


Take a holistic approach to XenDesktop management

Citrix XenDesktop Platinum shops can use Microsoft System Center Operations Manager management packs to monitor VDI. Continue Reading


Ensure safe access to virtual desktops and apps

Citrix XenDesktop shops can use the SmartAccess feature to run endpoint and location analysis before granting users access to virtual desktops and applications. Continue Reading

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Explore four key Citrix HDX features

Citrix HDX is a collection of technologies that serve as Citrix's remote display protocol. It uses data deduplication to reduce network traffic, provides a native mobile experience to users and more. Continue Reading


Pick the right Citrix provisioning tool

XenDesktop shops can choose between Citrix Provisioning Services and Machine Creation Services to manage a virtual app and desktop deployment. But what separates the two? Continue Reading

2Closer look at VMware Horizon-

VMware Horizon in the spotlight

VMware's answer to Citrix's XenApp and XenDesktop virtualization tools is Horizon. VDI shops can use Horizon to deliver virtual desktops, apps and resources to users from a single platform. It also includes Instant Clone technology, which allows admins to rapidly make copies of virtual machines (VMs), as well as App Volumes, which is layering software admins can use to group certain apps together. Read on to learn more about Horizon.


Dive into VMware Horizon View 7

The upgrade process for VMware Horizon View 7 isn't much different from previous versions, but there is a lot to keep in mind as admins plan. Continue Reading


VMware finally offers its own display protocol

VMware Horizon 7 includes the company's own remote display protocol called Blast Extreme, which the company says can match the performance of PC over IP, as well as a new rapid VM cloning feature. Continue Reading


Explore VMware's app layering offering

Discover how VMware App Volumes works and which vSphere components team up to support this app layering technology. Continue Reading


The differences between VMware and Citrix profile management

VMware's View Persona Management and Citrix's User Profile Management tools both improve on Windows roaming profiles, but they aren't the same. Continue Reading


Explore new features in App Volumes 3.0

After adding app layering to its portfolio in 2015, VMware addressed some of the product's shortcomings with new features in version 3.0 of VMware App Volumes. Continue Reading


Attack of the VMware Instant Clone

VMware's virtual desktop provisioning feature, Instant Clone, is a feature in Horizon View that can help IT smooth out VDI performance. Continue Reading


A closer look at Horizon 7's new features

VMware Horizon 7 includes a number of features that help improve the delivery process for personalized desktop and application services, including Instant Clone and Blast Extreme. Continue Reading


How Horizon 7 bolsters security

The Smart Policies feature in Horizon 7 boosts security by allowing admins to disable certain features for any users outside of a secure network. Continue Reading

3Citrix and VMware in the cloud-

How Citrix and VMware tackle cloud-based desktops

Many organizations are considering cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications. Moving VDI to the cloud can save organizations on upfront hardware and management costs. In addition, it makes life easier for IT because it offloads many tasks to the cloud provider. Citrix and VMware both offer cloud-based desktop delivery and management products. Compare Citrix Cloud with VMware's Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, included in the company's Workspace One suite.


Citrix Cloud separates itself with new features

XenApp and XenDesktop have been around a lot longer, but Citrix Cloud includes the same capabilities and adds enterprise mobility management from the cloud. Continue Reading


Prove your Citrix Cloud knowledge

With Citrix Cloud, IT can manage users' virtual desktops, applications and mobile workspaces from a single cloud-based interface. Take this quiz to see how well you know Citrix Cloud. Continue Reading


VMware fires back at Citrix Cloud

VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, formerly Project Enzo, competes with Citrix Cloud and could help nudge admins toward cloud-based desktops. Continue Reading


A closer look at VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode

VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode combines hyper-converged infrastructure and desktop as a service to simplify virtual desktop management. Uncover how the product works, including which components are on-premises. Continue Reading


Dive into VMware's Workspace One

VMware Workspace One combines the company's enterprise mobility management, user authentication and cloud-based desktop offerings to provide a consumer experience for users and to simplify management for IT. Continue Reading

4Terms to know-

Keywords IT must understand

A compilation of important definitions relating to VMware Horizon and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

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