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June 2015

How VDI shops can support cloud-hosted desktops

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Why would shops consider doing desktop as a service (DaaS) if they already have full-blown on-premises VDI? Companies can use DaaS for disaster recovery in addition to hosting desktops in the cloud as they need to. DaaS also allows companies to scale the number of virtual desktops they support up or down whenever they want, which helps support events teams, short-term projects and outside contractors. Because someone else stores and backs up the data means IT can do DaaS and disaster recovery on one invoice, which helps save money and reduce the complexity of having an effective disaster recovery plan.

Even where companies have made the commitment to support VDI and desktop virtualization, that model isn't right for every user. IT can use DaaS to support more applications and workers than they can with VDI alone. Shops don't have to choose VDI or DaaS; the two can coexist and serve many different use cases.

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Alyssa Provazza - Editorial Director

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Table Of Contents

  • How DaaS fits in VDI shops
  • Why Microsoft's VDI licensing changes won't help DaaS or SMBs
  • DaaS cost and scalability are its chief advantages

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