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January 2016

How GPU cards change the app game for VDI

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Graphics processing units and virtual GPUs (vGPUs) are valuable for workers who use graphics-heavy applications, but they can also provide significant performance improvements for other users, too. Workers who use computer-aided design applications and similar tools obviously benefit from the improved performance, but faster apps that work well make all users happy. There's also protocol offloading to consider, but you don't have to pick just one of these approaches. There's room for all of them, and in fact, they all suit different needs.

One of the most important things about graphics processing units (GPUs) -- after realizing your users might need them -- is determining the right type. You can set up the CPU to emulate GPU, you can go with shared GPUs or virtual GPUs (vGPUs), or you can use GPU pass through. Every one of those options has benefits and drawbacks, however. The hardware isn't cheap, but splitting it up to share it among users decreases its effectiveness. Weighing your options is critical.

About The Author

Todd Knapp - Chief executive officer

Todd Knapp is a contributor for More

Table Of Contents

  • A tale of two hardware acceleration methods
  • Why choosing the right GPU option is critical
  • Breaking down VMware GPU virtualization options 

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