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March 2016

How DaaS providers meet security and compliance requirements

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This chapter is included in the Everything you need to know about deploying DaaS E-Book.

Desktop as a service (DaaS) lets businesses deliver desktops and applications to users from the cloud. The advantages include less management for IT and a steady, predictable subscription-based cost model. But companies that have to meet security and compliance requirements must think carefully about whether DaaS is the right delivery method for them. Shops with very strict requirements may find that it won't. If that's the case, they can turn to on-premises virtualization or stick with physical desktops. They could even choose to use DaaS to deliver only some users' desktops based on their departments or job roles.

DaaS came of age in the Internet era, so providers build isolation and protection against hackers into their infrastructure. They can do it better, faster and on a bigger scale than most IT shops can on premises. Still, the concerns around multi-tenancy and meeting specialized needs should be top of mind for companies considering cloud-based desktops.

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