Desktop as a Service provider (DaaS provider)

Contributor(s): Colin Steele

A Desktop as a Service provider is a company that hosts virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for customers and delivers virtual desktops to those organizations' end users.

A typical Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provider runs a multi-tenant architecture and guarantees customers a specific level of uptime through a service-level agreement.

The major benefit of using a Desktop as a Service provider is that organizations avoid the significant up-front costs of a VDI deployment, instead paying a monthly subscription based on usage. Depending on the DaaS provider, organizations may also be able to offload some management tasks as well. The amount of control the DaaS provider has over management may be a point of contention, however.

Desktop as a Service providers include Desktone, Leostream, AT&T and dinCloud.

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Desktone is not a service provider. They do not sell or offer virtual desktops. Desktone created a multi-tenant cloud VDI platform that is used by Service Providers around the world to offer Desktops as a Service.


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