Citrix HDX 3D Pro

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Citrix HDX 3D Pro is a group of graphics acceleration technologies that help optimize the delivery of resource-intensive virtual applications on the company's XenDesktop and XenApp platforms.

HDX 3D Pro is part of Citrix's HDX remote display technologies. It is built on the Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), remote display protocol that facilitates the delivery of applications over the network. HDX 3D Pro distributes graphics processing units (GPUs) between multiple users to improve hardware performance, which results in smoother graphics on the display and a better overall user experience. IT administrators can use HDX 3D Pro to share a GPU between as many as 64 users per virtual machine (VM).

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In a typical use case, an IT administrator installs Citrix's Virtual Desktop Agent for HDX 3D Pro onto an application's host virtual machine. When an end user logs into XenDesktop or XenApp and goes to access that application, Citrix Receiver communicates with the Virtual Desktop Agent to connect the server to the Windows, Mac, Apple iOS or Google Android endpoint, using a CPU-based Deep Compression codec. The user then interacts with the remote application.

The goal of HDX 3D Pro is to provide an equivalent experience to using a physical desktop when working remotely with 3-D or graphics-intensive virtual applications. HDX 3D Pro supports computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering applications, geographical information system software, medical imaging and more applications, as well as NVIDIA GRID vGPU cards for added graphics rendering optimization.

HDX 3D Pro, which Citrix first introduced in 2009, is compatible with all server virtualization platforms, including bare metal, Citrix XenServer and CloudPlatform and VMware vSphere.

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Does Citrix HDX 3D Pro support the level of graphics performance your business needs?

Some cases yes, some no. But I find with some tweaking and policy work in the end you can find the right balance.