Citrix Synergy 2016 conference coverage

Last updated:May 2016

Editor's note

Synergy 2016 gives Citrix a chance to show that after one of its most tumultuous years, the company still understands the end-user computing, data center and networking needs of its customers.

With a new CEO and a renewed focus on its core products, Citrix is a different company than it was at last year's Synergy conference. Perhaps the most visible change is the absence of charismatic, longtime CEO Mark Templeton, who stepped aside in October 2015.

But conference attendees will likely care even more about the new developments announced at Synergy, and the content covered in nearly 200 sessions. Since Synergy 2015, Citrix has eliminated many of its non-core products and is in the process of splitting off its GoTo product line into a separate company. The company is now refocusing on what it does best: desktop, application and server virtualization, as well as enterprise mobility management (EMM).

The conference takes place May 24-26 in Las Vegas, and we'll deliver all the news from the show with expert analysis, as well as the winners of the Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 Awards.

1Lessons learned

Take a look at the latest tips, columns and analysis of the technologies on display at Synergy 2016, and get up to speed with session recaps and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Before Synergy 2016 kicks off, see what our contributors expect to see at the show and get caught up on all the latest Citrix news.