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Citrix Synergy 2016 conference coverage

Keep up on all the latest updates to Citrix's core products -- such as XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile -- and any new technologies announced at Synergy 2016, which runs from May 24-26 in Las Vegas.


Synergy 2016 gives Citrix a chance to show that after one of its most tumultuous years, the company still understands the end-user computing, data center and networking needs of its customers.

With a new CEO and a renewed focus on its core products, Citrix is a different company than it was at last year's Synergy conference. Perhaps the most visible change is the absence of charismatic, longtime CEO Mark Templeton, who stepped aside in October 2015.

But conference attendees will likely care even more about the new developments announced at Synergy, and the content covered in nearly 200 sessions. Since Synergy 2015, Citrix has eliminated many of its non-core products and is in the process of splitting off its GoTo product line into a separate company. The company is now refocusing on what it does best: desktop, application and server virtualization, as well as enterprise mobility management (EMM).

The conference takes place May 24-26 in Las Vegas, and we'll deliver all the news from the show with expert analysis, as well as the winners of the Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 Awards.

1From the show floor-

Synergy 2016 news

Check out all the news from Synergy 2016 and find out what happened, straight from the conference floor.


Five Synergy 2016 news stories that flew under the radar

There was plenty of Citrix news to go around at Synergy 2016. Beyond XenDesktop support for Windows 10 desktops as a service, Citrix also announced product updates and strategic alliances with hardware vendors. Continue Reading

Citrix Synergy 2016 Awards results

The Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 Awards highlight the top products on display at Synergy. Learn who the judges picked in the four categories and who won Best of Show. Continue Reading


Citrix makes its new focus clear at Synergy 2016

Under new CEO Kirill Tatarinov Citrix is focusing on its partnership with Microsoft and its core products, including XenMobile, XenApp and XenDesktop. Continue Reading


Windows 10 DaaS comes to fruition

XenDesktop 7.9 includes support for Windows 10 desktops as a service, enhancing the Citrix-Microsoft alliance. Learn about other new features announced at Synergy 2016. Continue Reading


VDI shops welcome more affordable hyper-converged infrastructure

VDI shops are often scared off from hyper-converged infrastructure because of the price tag, but Citrix and Nutanix announced two cheaper HCI options at Synergy 2016. Continue Reading


Information rights management improves ShareFile security

Citrix ShareFile boosts security after a file leaves the EFSS system with information rights. Learn more about the news from Citrix Synergy 2016. Continue Reading


Workspace suites met with trepidation

Even though vendors are pushing workspace suites, IT pros at Citrix Synergy aren't comfortable with the concept of hitching all their app delivery wagons to a single vendor. Continue Reading


How to nail a XenDesktop farm migration

IT has to migrate Citrix XenDesktop farms for reasons such as disaster recovery, setting up parallel sites or hardware upgrades. Read about five ways to minimize the pain. Continue Reading


IT can use vGPU for Office apps and web browsers

Most people think think GPU virtualization is for supporting graphics-intensive applications, but knowledge workers can reap the same performance benefits. Continue Reading


Citrix HDX SoC helps Raspberry Pi's enterprise chances

Raspberry Pi thin client devices aren't popular yet in the enterprise, but Citrix's HDX system-on-chip version could provide workers with cheap remote access to virtual desktops and apps. Continue Reading


Citrix pulls no punches at Synergy 2016

After a period of turmoil Citrix came out swinging at Synergy 2016, reasserting its partnership with Microsoft and blasting VMware. Continue Reading


How will an integration with Microsoft Intune affect XenMobile?

An upcoming integration between Citrix XenMobile and Microsoft Intune implies the two EMM products are better together, but don't forget that they are also competitors. Continue Reading

Blog Post

No AppConfig commitment from Citrix yet

Citrix is contemplating joining the AppConfig community, which advocates for the use of mobile application management, but it has not made a commitment yet. Continue Reading

Blog Post

What's new with XenMobile?

At Synergy 2016 Citrix unveiled some new XenMobile features, including password-free user logins, security improvements and more. Continue Reading

2Citrix Synergy videos-

See Synergy for yourself

Watch some of the notable moments and interviews from this year's Synergy conference.


Windows 10 in the works for many

Some IT customers at Citrix Synergy 2016 are pushing for Windows 10 adoption this year. Watch this video to find out why and discover what is holding other companies back.


What are the top challenges of VDI?

Virtualization shops deal with several common issues, including calculating the ROI for a VDI deployment, sizing an implementation and getting legacy applications to work.


Are there too many EMM options?

Many companies are starting to use enterprise mobility management products, but most IT departments only use a handful of the many features in EMM platforms.

3Expert advice-

Lessons learned

Take a look at the latest tips, columns and analysis of the technologies on display at Synergy 2016, and get up to speed with session recaps and answers to frequently asked questions.


Pick the right Citrix provisioning tool

XenDesktop shops can choose between Citrix Provisioning Services and Machine Creation Services to manage a virtual app and desktop deployment. Learn the differences between PVS and MCS. Continue Reading


New features in XenApp/XenDesktop 7.7 and 7.8

Citrix announced a feature-rich update to its XenApp and XenDesktop virtualization products at Citrix Summit in January. Updates include an app layering product that is available in all editions of both products, as well as several integrations to improve or add support for Microsoft products. Continue Reading


Why it's finally a good time to migrate from XenApp 6.5 to 7.x

Citrix dropped a lot of the features IT pros liked when it switched to FlexCast Management Architecture in XenApp 7, which caused many organizations to stand pat. Citrix is now adding back several of those features, such as zone management, which allows IT to upgrade without making compromises. Continue Reading


XenMobile Mail Manager focuses on ActiveSync devices

Many companies are looking for a way to ensure the security of employees' remote access to corporate email. IT can use XenMobile Mail Manager to monitor devices running Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or BlackBerry Enterprise Service. Continue Reading


Citrix USB redirection now supports input devices

The Citrix USB Redirection to Cloud feature adds stylus support for peripheral devices in XenApp and XenDesktop, which lets designers use drawing tablets and allows other workers to either sign documents or collect signatures remotely. Continue Reading


How does HDX 3D Pro support resource-intensive apps?

One of the last big hurdles in desktop and app virtualization is the ability to support remote 3D applications, but Citrix HDX 3D Pro optimizes GPU virtualization and allows workers to use computer-aided design apps, geographical information system software and more. Continue Reading


How can IT use StoreFront with XenApp and XenDesktop?

Users can access their virtual desktops and applications through XenDesktop and XenApp, but Citrix's StoreFront enterprise app store provides workers with central access to the corporate resources they need. Continue Reading

4Before you go-

Need-to-know pre-show info

Before Synergy 2016 kicks off, see what our contributors expect to see at the show and get caught up on all the latest Citrix news.


Standalone MAM gains popularity

The release of Citrix XenMobile 10.3.5 indicates a trend that IT professionals are moving toward standalone mobile app management for controlling their BYOD environments. Continue Reading


XenMobile 10.3 adds management for Windows, Mac

Citrix kept pace with several other top enterprise mobility management vendors by adding support for Windows and Mac PCs in XenMobile 10.3. Now administrators can manage most of their company's devices using Citrix EMM Continue Reading


A look at AppDisk for app layering

With Citrix AppDisk, which is available in all editions of XenApp and XenDesktop, IT can deliver applications separately from base images. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Citrix CEO makes company's mission clear

Citrix's new CEO wants everyone to know the company is not competing with the likes of Microsoft, IBM and Salesforce. Instead Citrix's goal is to make using those company's tools and platforms easier. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Two more major players join the AppConfig Community

Sources say BlackBerry and Citrix are poised to team up with VMware AirWatch, IBM, MobileIron and JAMF in the AppConfig Community for mobile application management standards. Continue Reading


Explore the future of Citrix

Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov explains the challenges facing the company and shares his vision of the future including, XenMobile's focus on mobile application management. Continue Reading


Windows 10 migration spurs XenApp adoption

Many companies have legacy apps that simply won't work when they migrate to Windows 10. As a result, Citrix XenApp will continue to grow its user base. Continue Reading


Citrix weathers the storm, heads in right direction

Citrix discontinued some nonessential products, changed its CEO and went through a series of layoffs since early 2015, but the future, which includes staples such as XenDesktop and XenApp, is coming into focus. Continue Reading

Photo Story

Five hot mobility and remote computing topics at Citrix Synergy

Synergy 2016 has plenty in store for IT pros who support mobility or desktop and application virtualization. Citrix will host sessions on topics such as unified management, improved Microsoft integrations in XenApp and XenDesktop, and new capabilities in HDX remoting. Continue Reading


New Citrix CEO talks vision

Kirill Tatarinov, the new Citrix president and CEO, discusses his plans to balance the company's profit motive with the interests of the countless IT pros who depend on Citrix technologies in this podcast. Continue Reading


Citrix CEO's software background bodes well for company's future

Tatarinov joins Citrix after a long career as an engineer and executive at Microsoft. The new CEO's software background indicates that Citrix is more interested in getting the company back in IT's good graces than selling itself off in parts. Continue Reading


Synergy 2016 to focus on unified IT management

Citrix's big new product offering in 2015 was Workspace Cloud, which allows IT to manage users' resources from a unified, cloud-based console. The company also added unified endpoint management to XenMobile in January 2016, so attendees should anticipate that centralized control will be a common topic at Synergy 2016. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Citrix abandons Dynamic Containerization

One of the most exciting developments from Synergy 2015 was a potential feature in XenMobile that would have made it easy to containerize any mobile application. Much to IT's chagrin, Citrix abandoned its Dynamic Containerization concept last December. Continue Reading


VMware Workspace One rivals Citrix Workspace Cloud

Workspace Cloud was the talk of Synergy 2015, but VMware has since released its own superficially similar cloud-based management product -- at a lower price tag. Continue Reading


VMware Workspace One undercuts Citrix Workspace Cloud

Citrix could afford to see what the market would bear when it had the only cloud-based workspace management product in town. But when VMware entered the same market, it pushed Citrix to make Workspace Cloud more affordable. Continue Reading


Citrix Secure Browser improves app access

Web browsers can provide users with access to applications from any device, so Citrix repurposed a few of its existing technologies to better support Web apps either hosted through Workspace Cloud or on premises using XenApp. Continue Reading


Top terms

Brush up on the definitions of some of the most common terms you'll hear at Synergy.

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