• October 03, 2014 03 Oct'14

    Where should you put your desktops?

    As desktop as a service (DaaS) matures, why should -- or shouldn't -- organizations move to cloud-hosted desktops? DaaS makes it easier to provision virtual desktops, simplifies management tasks and allows users to work from wherever they happen to ...  Continue Reading

  • October 02, 2014 02 Oct'14

    Why should I consider adopting VDI?

    The ever-changing IT landscape is a reason some shops don't want to get locked into a big virtualization investment, but adopting VDI can actually help companies meet users' needs and adapt to new trends and technology.  Continue Reading

  • October 01, 2014 01 Oct'14

    Unveiling the mystery behind VDI implementation costs

    Your VDI implementation can get costly -- fast. With servers, licenses, storage and tools to buy, the Capex for VDI can skyrocket, but remember that over the long term, Opex is less with VDI than with traditional PCs.  Continue Reading