• September 15, 2008 15 Sep'08

    Remote Programs can simplify application management

    Remote Programs, a feature of Windows Server 2008, is capable of greatly reducing the administrative overhead associated with managing applications. Expert Brien Posey tells you how it can potentially decrease costs for the IT department.  Continue Reading

  • September 11, 2008 11 Sep'08

    The advantages of desktop virtualization

    Desktop virtualization is a growing area of interest and a lot of IT shops are considering implementing this technology. In this tip, learn how to make a business case to your CFO about the benefits of using desktop virtualization in your ...  Continue Reading

  • September 04, 2008 04 Sep'08

    Application streaming: What you need to know

    Are the advantages of application streaming enough to force change in your IT shop? Are the pros of centralized management and decreased TCO enough to outweigh the cons of certain incompatibilities and more difficult support? Decide for yourself ...  Continue Reading