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Why can't clients connect to our new Terminal Server?

We have installed a second Terminal Server on the network. Clients usually connect to TS through a VPN. Some clients can connect to both terminal servers, and some can connect only to the old TS. I tried connecting to the new TS from the stations that can connect using a different username, and it works. It seems to me that some client boxes are not able to connect to the new TS. Any idea why? Please help. Could it be client licenses?
Since you can connect using a different user account, one possibility is that the user accounts who can't log on are not permitted to log onto the terminal server. Check their permissions in their user account properties. If this isn't it, then a little more information might help, including the error message you're seeing at logon, the operating system used on the computers that can't connect, whether both terminal servers are in the same domain and anything else you can think of that's relevant.

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