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How can you set yourself up for VDI success?

Deploying VDI is no simple task. As a result you must know what you're getting yourself into before starting a project or you are destined to fail.

There are plenty of VDI success stories, but there are also enough cautionary tales to spook organizations away from the technology.

Other organizations' failures should not deter you. You just have to take the right precautions and be realistic about the complexities, performance issues and costs associated with VDI. A VDI project is no small undertaking, and you need a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and the strategy you must employ to achieve it.

How to set yourself up for VDI success

Whether you're preparing to implement VDI or you're just starting to look into the technology, be sure to understand how desktop virtualization works and what its hardware, compute and storage requirements are. Have a concise plan for rolling out your VDI deployment and have realistic expectations about your hardware needs -- and the costs that go with them -- if you want to realize VDI success.

Also, consider scalability. Just because you can implement 20 virtual desktops without a problem, don't assume you'll have the same results with 200 or 2,000 desktops. Understand performance goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them. Remember, users expect their virtual desktops to perform like physical desktops. If they notice any issues, they will not be happy.

Delivering a quality VDI user experience often comes down to storage. If you don't have the storage your deployment requires, boot storms and other fluctuations will quickly grind performance to a halt. All-flash storage can help by taking storage off of the spinning disks of hard-disk drives and putting it onto an all-flash array. With the prices of solid-state drives steadily dropping and supporting technologies improving every day, it's becoming easier than ever to implement flash-based storage with VDI.

If you cannot justify the costs of delivering that experience, however, VDI might not be the right fit.

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