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How do I disable the shutdown option in Terminal Server?

We are running Terminal Server in application mode.  Sometimes my IT manager logs into Terminal Server from his local machine, and he always uses the administrator account.  When he is done with his session, he always shuts the server down instead of simply logging off.  This causes Terminal Server to shut down, and no one can do anything until the next day when I must turn the machine back on.  Is there any way I can disable the shutdown option, so my manager can not shut down the server when he tries to close a session?  Can I make it show only the logoff option?

There is no per-computer policy to remove this setting, but you can remove the shutdown button for his account by editing the group policy to disable and remove the shutdown button. This won't prevent him from shutting down the server entirely -- "tsshutdn" will still work -- but it will prevent him from accidentally doing so. (You can also control this setting by using configuration tools like triCerat's RegSet or editing the registry directly -- this setting is in HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionPoliciesExplorer. Set NoClose's value to 1.)

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