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App returns error when run on TS, but works fine on a client

I have a Windows 2000 server PC and five client workstations (three are local and two run terminal services). All workstations (local and TS) can run a DOS app with no problem. Recently, I had a client/server app installed on the server by a developer. The app runs fine on a local client, but a terminal services client gets the following message: "Component 'MSDATGRD.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: A file is missing or invalid."

If I run the app locally on the client workstation, it works OK, but it fails with the above message if I try to run it under terminal services on the same machine. All clients are running Win98. I even upgraded one of the PCs to run Win2k Pro, but the same circumstances occur. It sounds like terminal services is missing some privilege settings on the server. Help, please!

This is an application problem, not a terminal server problem per se. I recommend that you have the developer check out Optimizing applications for Windows 2000 Terminal Services and Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition to see if the application is organized properly for running on a multi-user computer.

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