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Security, productivity key desktop virtualization benefits

According to a survey conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group, IT pros pointed to security, productivity and IT efficiency as the virtualization benefits driving VDI and DaaS adoption.


DaaS provider eases remote work issues for investment firm

The pandemic forced many organizations to quickly transition to remote work, and DaaS subscribers such as Johnson Investment Counsel had a few key advantages during this process.


Home network setups pose remote work challenge

Having Citrix Workspace in place pre-pandemic made the shift to remote work easier for William Fry employees, but shoddy home networks posed a significant hurdle for the IT team.


Comparing AMD vs. Nvidia for virtual desktop GPU cards

Both AMD and Nvidia bring virtual GPUs to virtual desktop users with resource-intensive applications, but organizations should learn what each vendor's vGPU cards can offer.

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    How to fix 8 common remote desktop connection problems

    When the connection between a desktop and its host fails, it's time to do some remote desktop troubleshooting. Check firewalls, security certificates and more if a remote desktop is not working.

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    virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

    Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop virtualization technology wherein a desktop operating system (OS) -- typically Microsoft Windows -- runs and is managed in an on-premises or cloud data center.

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    Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan)

    Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a tool that allows information technology (IT) administrators to organize, group and control remote desktop connections.

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