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Why and when to use Windows Virtual Desktop

Organizations considering Windows Virtual Desktop should take a step back and evaluate when it makes sense to use WVD, and when to consider alternative options.


Compare Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops vs. WVD

It's difficult to know exactly how Citrix's and Microsoft's virtual desktop offerings stack up against one another, but this article compares WVD vs. Citrix based on several factors.


4 Windows Virtual Desktop management limitations

WVD management isn't all the way there yet, despite Microsoft expanding its offering over the past year. Some capabilities still aren't as extensive as Citrix and VMware's offerings.

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VMware Horizon sizing guide for Windows 10 environments

When an organization needs to deploy a VMware Horizon VDI environment with Windows 10 desktops, it must plan for and consider a massive range of factors.

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  • Virtual desktop management

    Citrix launches well-being microapps for Workspace

    Citrix will help companies measure employee wellness with simple programs that can take surveys and distribute health and corporate news.

  • Virtual desktop tools and technology

    Citrix to acquire Wrike for $2.25 billion

    Citrix announced it will acquire Wrike for $2.25 billion, a move aimed at bringing project management features to the Citrix Workspace offering.

  • Virtual desktop tools and technology

    Amazon brings Mac mini to AWS

    Amazon's new EC2 Mac service offers the macOS on Mac mini hardware to developers who want to build Xcode applications for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and the Apple Watch.