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Options for VMware printing management in the enterprise

Organizations that run VMware Horizon need to factor in printer management to their overall IT strategy. They should learn features such as VMware Integrated Printing policy.

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Setting up and troubleshooting multiple thin client monitors

Thin clients generally require less attention from desktop administrators, but sometimes, IT needs to intervene to set up or troubleshoot a multiple monitor workstation.


Choosing a thin client for remote desktop protocol access

There are plenty of suitable thin client options for RDP environments, but each device has unique characteristics that make it a strong or poor fit for a particular organization.


Understanding the difference between thin and thick clients

How do thin and thick clients compare for licensing or flexibility? These two endpoint types each have their role in the enterprise, but they fit into organizations in very different ways.

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Virtual Desktop Basics

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    application layering (app layering)

    Application layering (app layering) is a technology for delivering virtual applications that run in layers separate from a virtual desktop, but interact with the operating system and other apps as if they are installed natively on the base image.

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    Citrix HDX 3D Pro

    Citrix HDX 3D Pro is a group of graphics acceleration technologies that help optimize the delivery of resource-intensive virtual applications on a company's XenDesktop and XenApp platforms.

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    virtual desktop

    A virtual desktop is a computer operating system that does not run directly on the endpoint hardware from which a user accesses it.

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