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Provision VDI resources for peak efficiency

VDI management requires more than simply monitoring desktops. IT must understand users' resource needs and provision its back-end infrastructure to reflect them.


Where does VDI fit with the rise of workspaces?

Workspaces are poised to redefine the desktops users work with. As a result, virtual desktops could become just a part of a larger end-user computing approach.


How to apply VDI to the right use cases

Any IT pro considering VDI must know where to apply it. Find out if you know when and where VDI is a good fit with this quiz on user types, important considerations and more.


How do Citrix's certifications work?

Citrix offers a slew of certifications that prove how well an IT pro knows a certain technology. To earn a certification, IT pros must pass exams that Citrix issues.

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Virtual Desktop Basics

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    PCoIP (PC over IP)

    PC over IP (PCoIP) is a remote display protocol that Teradici developed for delivering remote desktops and applications to endpoints.

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    Test your app and desktop virtualization knowledge

    Virtual app and desktop deployments offer many benefits to IT, such as ease of management and improved security. Test yourself on the benefits of desktop virtualization.

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    Prove your virtual desktop user profile knowledge

    IT can control virtual desktops more directly with user profile management. Take this quiz to find out if you know about the different profile types and more.

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