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  • Will Microsoft's VDI licensing changes hurt SMBs?

    Per-user SA licensing doesn't make doing VDI or DaaS any easier for SMBs: There's still no SPLA for Windows client OSes, and the licensing changes benefit only large shops.

  • Per-user licensing isn't all it's cracked up to be

    The per-user licensing model for SA applies only to Windows 8.1 Enterprise, which you can upgrade to from only certain versions of Windows. The perk is also available only to companies with 250+ se...

  • How Horizon 6 RDSH works

    VMware finally has a way to get remote applications to users with RDSH in Horizon 6, but it comes sans simplified access and installation management for hosts.

  • Five facts about DaaS

    In the classic 1950 film noir 'Sunset Boulevard,' Gloria Swanson opined, 'I'm ready for my close-up.' Now, so is DaaS, and there are some things you might not know -- like that the CIA uses AWS.

  • How to mix VDI and power users

    For a long time, it's been a fact of VDI that power users and VDI don't mix. But with advances in technology and a little planning, your power users could soon be booting up their persistent VMs.

  • How to deliver high-demand applications on virtual desktops

    Delivering high-demand applications on virtual desktops with good performance takes enough hardware and resources, plus some strategic moves like pre-booting VMs.

  • How cybercrime, disgruntled workers affect DaaS security

    DaaS has advantages, but don't discount cloud security concerns. Competitors, disgruntled employees and careless users can all put the data and desktops you host with DaaS providers at risk.

  • Can you trust your DaaS provider's IT staff?

    DaaS providers tout hosted desktops as more efficient and secure than traditional VDI, but cloud security concerns persist. Companies looking to do DaaS have to trust their provider's staff and bac...

  • How Citrix Workspace Services and Workspace Suite differ

    Citrix's Workspace Services and the Workspace Suite aren't one in the same. The Suite is a bundle of products and Workspace Services is a delivery platform and control plane.

  • Fast guide to VDI user profile management tools

    You can manage profiles with Active Directory or the tools built into your VDI software, but third-party options from AppSense, RES software and Liquidware Labs offer more features and can reduce s...

  • Networks are tier 0 when it comes to VDI

    For VDI sessions to work well, the network has to be fast. Advancements in WAN links, Wi-Fi and 4G, plus the continued spread of reliable networks over the world, are making it easier for workers t...

  • How hybrid storage systems can save VDI deployments

    To deal with boot storms and other times of peak demand, your first instinct might be to over-provision resources, but there's a better way. A hybrid storage system is often cheaper and gives bette...

  • Buying guide: Application virtualization tools

    XenApp, ThinApp and App-V are very similar tools for application virtualization. Check out this buying guide to find out which one can meet your needs and work with your existing infrastructure.

  • Guide to buying zero clients

    There are lots of client options to choose from for VDI. Get the details on four of the most popular zero clients and how they can meet your needs in this buying guide.

  • Virtual mobile infrastructure is like VDI for apps

    New kid on the block virtual mobile infrastructure lets you run VMs with Android applications in the data center and then deliver those apps to any endpoint.

  • Data gravity attracts desktops, drives DaaS

    Light speed dictates how fast data in the cloud can reach a desktop -- aka latency -- and as more data is stored in the cloud, it only makes sense that desktops get pulled loft ward, too. DaaS is r...

  • Three ways to use GPUs to improve VDI

    It's OK to give in to application demands with GPU sharing, pass-through and vGPU. They render graphics on the back end rather than on users' devices, which means better performance on virtual desk...

  • Lower Microsoft VDI licensing costs with Windows Server VMs

    Microsoft VDI licensing costs can get really high when you're using Windows client OSes. DaaS providers deploy Windows Server OSes instead to help cut costs, and you can do the same thing on-prem.

  • Improving VDI performance with a hybrid storage system

    Hybrid storage lets you keep costs reasonable but still reap the rewards that come with flash. There are three ways you can implement your hybrid approach: use solid-state drives or a shared flash ...

  • Using VMware's Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6

    VMware's Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6 lets VDI deployments span multiple data centers and makes managing large deployments easier. But if you have persistent desktops, you'll need a replicat...