Virtual Desktop Tips
  • Compare two top workspace management suites

    AppSense and RES Software started out creating virtual desktop management products. Both vendors now offer well-rounded workspace management suites, but with slightly different areas of focus.

  • How to prepare the help desk for VDI

    Help desk workers will get lots of user questions about their virtual desktops, so it's essential that staff know the ins and outs of VDI, including how connectivity works.

  • Compare the best uses for VMware ThinApp and App Volumes

    VMware has two app virtualization tools, but organizations don't need to choose one or the other. Using App Volumes and ThinApp together gives IT departments plenty of app delivery options.

  • HTML5 clients provide a versatile VDI option

    Although HTML5 clients don't provide enough security for some organizations, they're one of the easiest and most widely available options for delivering remote desktops to employees.