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  • How VMware Horizon View stacks up

    VMware View's storage features, ease of use and manageability help it stand out against other VDI software candidates.

  • Guide to VMware Horizon View

    Get up to speed on the features of VMware Horizon View and find out what experts think is next for the virtualization tool.

  • A tale of two hardware acceleration methods: Protocol vs. GPU offload

    To improve virtual desktop performance, should you use protocol offload or GPU offload? It doesn't take a game of rock paper scissors to decide. In fact, you don't have to decide at all -- you can use both kinds of hardware acceleration if you...

  • VMware finally takes on Citrix XenApp with Horizon 6 app remoting

    IT professionals finally have an alternative to Citrix for remote application publishing services with VMware firing its first salvo in the space.


  • Top options for buying thin client hardware

    Thin clients have evolved considerably over the last decade, with a multitude of selections now available when buyers must make the decision to purchase a client for virtual desktop infrastructure.

    Some virtualization vendors have more...

  • VMware to launch app publishing feature, level a blow against XenApp

    VMware will finally provide a way to remotely deliver published applications, giving the virtualization company an answer to Citrix XenApp, sources said.

    With the major app publishing release, coming next week, VMware, Inc. aims to quiet...

  • Upcoming VMware Horizon View features revealed

    The next version of VMware Horizon View will focus on mobility and include network enhancements, context aware security, IPv6 support and more.

  • Nvidia vGPU support to expand as VDI graphics demands increase

    Virtualized GPUs have extended VDI's appeal by delivering high-end graphics to remote users, and broader ecosystem support will soon make the technology accessible to more IT shops.

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  • The ins and outs of a good HTML5 client

    HTML5 clients have been part of the remote desktop conversation for a few years now, but not all clients are the same.

    Early on, there were third-party vendors such as Spark View and...

  • How a VDI migration changed my life

    Now that I've completed my transition from physical to virtual desktop, I want to take a look back at the process and reflect on how VDI affected my life, plus what I would have done differently.

    In the previous parts of this series, I...

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