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  • How VMware Horizon View stacks up

    VMware View's storage features, ease of use and manageability help it stand out against other VDI software candidates.

  • VMware Horizon 6 RDSH to lack built-in profile management support

    The applause for VMware Horizon 6 has died down and it's time to reveal the holes: View Persona won't support the awaited RDSH app publishing feature.

  • Guide to VMware Horizon View

    Get up to speed on the features of VMware Horizon View and find out what experts think is next for the virtualization tool.

  • Breaking down VMware GPU virtualization options: Soft 3D, vSGA and vDGA

    Recent technical strides in graphic processing unit (GPU) hardware have created increased interest in virtualizing graphics-intensive programs. With Soft 3D, vSGA and vDGA, Horizon View has increased VMware's GPU virtualization...

  • VMware's Horizon 6 faces uphill battle against Citrix XenApp

    While industry watchers await the official arrival of VMware's Horizon 6, they wonder how badly the new products will hit Citrix's domination in the application remoting space -- if at all.

    IT pros who have used VMware for...

  • If you can give users offline access to data, do it

    Vendors and customers alike are finally coming to terms with the fact that delivering data is what we really care about and that applications are just the things workers use to access that data. This is a big difference from years past when it...

  • Control desktop customizations with user profile management

    Using a default set of user profile settings can make controlling users' virtual desktop customization a little easier, and it can help high-security companies comply with regulations.


  • How cloud desktops stem VDI costs

    Though Amazon's cost savings claims appear inflated, DaaS can eliminate much of the infrastructure cost associated with building VDI -- especially storage costs.

    "Some companies say 'The heck with VDI' and move to DaaS because their...

  • A tale of two hardware acceleration methods: Protocol vs. GPU offload

    To improve virtual desktop performance, should you use protocol offload or GPU offload? It doesn't take a game of rock paper scissors to decide. In fact, you don't have to decide at all -- you can use both kinds of hardware acceleration if you...

  • VMware finally takes on Citrix XenApp with Horizon 6 app remoting

    IT professionals finally have an alternative to Citrix for remote application publishing services with VMware firing its first salvo in the space.


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