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  • Choosing a VDI hypervisor? Consider licensing and labor

    When deploying or evaluating the continuing viability of a VDI implementation, the discussion undoubtedly turns to the selection of the best hypervisor on which to host your users' desktops.

    Accurately analyzing your...

  • DaaS will grow when Microsoft blows up Windows licensing rules

    One DaaS supporter sounds off on unfair Microsoft Windows licensing rules for cloud service providers and the cloud desktop industry in 2014.

  • Remote Desktop Services licensing rules and recommendations

    Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services licensing policies can be confusing if you don't get to know CALs and RDS roles.

  • VMware Horizon 6 RDSH to lack built-in profile management support

    VMware Horizon 6's shining star is an RDSH app publishing feature similar to XenApp, but there's an issue with support that may prevent IT shops from using it right away.

    View Persona Management won't support the upcoming Remote Desktop...

  • How cloud desktops stem VDI costs

    Though Amazon's cost savings claims appear inflated, DaaS can eliminate much of the infrastructure cost associated with building VDI -- especially storage costs.

    "Some companies say 'The heck with VDI' and move to DaaS because their...

  • DaaS vs. VDI: Why the comparisons might not be fair

    DaaS has a great image. It delivers all of the benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure but is far simpler to do and requires no upfront investment.

    In a...

  • Server-based computing market blazes as Citrix vs. VMware fight rages

    This week marks the end of two (albeit unrelated) eras. We saw the demise of Windows XP and the introduction of a real competitor against Citrix which -- for the last twenty years -- has had no real competition in the server-based computing...

  • VDI assessment tools put the horse before the cart

    When it comes to desktop virtualization migrations, many people initially take the "ready-fire-aim" approach to determining which applications and users are good candidates. It's more fun this way because it represents a unique challenge at every...

  • Deep dive: How do virtual applications work?

    Application virtualization lets IT administrators deliver apps directly to PCs and mobile devices through remote access technology. But what is a virtual application and how does it work?

    Organizations that want to give users access to...

  • IT shops find ways around costly Windows licensing rules for VDI, DaaS

    Windows licensing for virtual desktops is a tax that increases VDI costs, particularly for BYOD. Calls for Microsoft to #FixVDA haven't been met.

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