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  • The dark side of single image management

    Single image management is supposed to reduce storage requirements and make management easier, but it has built-in performance and capacity issues.

  • How to tell if you're using a zero client

    Zero client is a marketing term rather than a feature description, so there is no single way to define a zero client. This isn't really an issue, however, as long as you understand the capabilities and limitations of zero...

  • How cloud desktops stem VDI costs

    Though Amazon's cost savings claims appear inflated, DaaS can eliminate much of the infrastructure cost associated with building VDI -- especially storage costs.

    "Some companies say 'The heck with VDI' and move to DaaS because their...

  • A tale of two hardware acceleration methods: Protocol vs. GPU offload

    To improve virtual desktop performance, should you use protocol offload or GPU offload? It doesn't take a game of rock paper scissors to decide. In fact, you don't have to decide at all -- you can use both kinds of hardware acceleration if you...

  • VMware finally takes on Citrix XenApp with Horizon 6 app remoting

    IT professionals finally have an alternative to Citrix for remote application publishing services with VMware firing its first salvo in the space.


  • How folder redirection makes storing user data easier

    Both profile redirection and folder redirection help address issues around storing user data, but one comes with more management and bandwidth concerns than the other.

    One of the main challenges that...

  • With a browser desktop, Chromebooks could have enterprise potential

    I've questioned the use case for Chromebooks in the past, especially given the fact that most of the devices in circulation are underpowered and barely able to surf the Web. There's a race to the bottom on the Chromebook market, and vendors are...

  • Why remote connectivity problems happen and how to fix them

    Mobile workers who use virtual desktops to securely connect to the data they need for work may run into some remote connectivity problems, but they're solvable.

    "Road warriors," or mobile workers, are the employees who work remotely and...

  • How a VDI migration changed my life

    Now that I've completed my transition from physical to virtual desktop, I want to take a look back at the process and reflect on how VDI affected my life, plus what I would have done differently.

    In the previous parts of this series, I...

  • VMware DaaS sited to outplay Amazon WorkSpaces -- and its own partners

    VMware has rebranded Desktone and launched it this week on its own public cloud, offering IT pros a competitive price in the heated DaaS market.  

    The new cloud desktops are priced below what many IT pros pay other Desktone cloud...

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