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  • What it takes to make zero clients add up

    This chapter looks at the major considerations in making a final decision on whether to move an organization's desktops to zero clients. Cost, return on investment and vendor choice are among the most essential factors to be weighed. The chapter also discusses the complexity of a shift to a zero-client model.

  • Google inspires DaaS dreams with Windows Server support in the cloud

    Google Compute Engine now has Windows Server support, so what might that mean for the possibility of Google DaaS?

  • Amazon WorkSpaces generally available, but DaaS SLA remains unclear

    Amazon WorkSpaces give IT shops a way to quickly and cheaply deploy virtual desktops from AWS, but questions remain about the company's DaaS SLA.

  • Nvidia vGPU support to expand as VDI graphics demands increase

    Nvidia's vGPU technology gives high-end graphics users good virtual desktop performance and will be accessible in more environments.

  • One way to ensure VDI uptime? Manage the user persona

    While journeying through your virtual desktop migration, two important steps are to ensure VDI uptime and data availability -- especially on the go.

  • CTO Chris Wolf reveals VMware VDI plans to beat Citrix, expand DaaS

    VMware's new CTO Chris Wolf takes on questions about the role of VDI in the mobile era, competition with Citrix and what's next for DaaS.

  • Find the best route to deliver application virtualization

    IT no longer needs to deliver full desktops to users; instead, most users require access to only certain applications. So, IT needs to determine the best way to deliver those apps, and application virtualization is one option. This IT handbook will cover the different types of application virtualization -- streaming and remoting -- and help IT pros decide whether app virtualization is the right path for their organization. We also look at app virtualization tools on the market.

  • Four options for third-party VDI assessment tools

    Before you take steps to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure, it's a good idea to use VDI assessment tools to track resources, app usage and more.

  • More than nothing, a zero client simplifies the desktop

    This chapter provides a detailed examination of what zero clients are, how they work, what their primary benefits might be and where their key limitations are to be found. An important part of this chapter’s discussion is how zero clients differ from thin clients. Media Group: Data Center and Virtualization

  • Zero-client computing

    The zero-client computing e-book series delves into essential aspects of how virtual desktop services can be provided with as little configuration as possible. Many vendors sell zero clients that do not in fact require zero configuration, so definitions tend to be fluid. These chapters will counter that vagueness with specifics on the distinctions between zero clients and thin clients, as well as guidance on how best to implement and manage zero clients.

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