Application virtualization and streaming

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  • Citrix FlexCast

    Citrix FlexCast is a delivery technology that allows an IT administrator to personalize virtual desktops to meet the performance, security and flexibility requirements of end users. Currently, there are five different FlexCast models available.   

  • VMware Horizon Application Manager

    VMware Horizon Application Manager, also known as Horizon App Manager, is an enterprise service for managing access to software. With VMware Horizon Application Manager, employees can use any Internet-capable device to access applications through a s... 

  • Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

    Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is an application-level protocol for the transfer of real-time media data. 

  • continuous media

    Continuous media is data where there is a timing relationship between source and destination. 

  • streaming application

    A streaming application is a program that has its necessary components downloaded as needed instead of being installed ahead of time on a computer. 

  • Windows XP Mode

    Windows XP Mode is a feature of the Windows 7 operating system that allows it to run applications that are only compatible with Windows XP. 

  • user installed application (UIA)

    User installed applications (UIA) are programs that are installed on a computer by an end user, instead of by a corporate IT department. 

  • app virtualization (application virtualization)

    App virtualization (application virtualization) is the separation of an installation of an application from the client computer that is accessing it. 

  • Citrix XenApp

    Citrix XenApp is a product that extends Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host desktop sessions and applications to users via the Citrix HDX protocol. 

  • application streaming

    Application streaming is an on-demand software delivery model that takes advantage of the fact that most applications require only a small fraction of their total program code to run. 

About Application virtualization and streaming

Application virtualization can reduce application installation time, minimize security vulnerabilities, improve disaster recovery and reduce system bloat. You can use application streaming to deliver software on demand to PCs, Macs or terminals, and it is often combined with application virtualization. But administrators have had difficulty determining costs and return on investment because of complex licensing and pricing schemes, and also get lost in the confusion presented by different approaches to virtualization. Citrix, VMware, Symantec and Microsoft, as well as other vendors, offer varying mixes of client-side and server-side capabilities.

This section helps you sort through application streaming technologies and determine which is best for your environment. It offers news, expert technical advice, definitions, and reference and learning content to help with virtual desktop management and application virtualization. This section also helps you determine the total cost of ownership for application streaming and how to choose the best tools for your environment.