Virtual Desktop News

Virtual Desktop News

  • Week of 31 Aug 2015 VMware EUC GM sounds off on VDI competition (02 Sep 2015)

    VMware's EUC GM Sanjay Poonen believes matching Citrix feature-for-feature isn't as important as having a long-term vision for IT organizations.

  • Federal agencies tout VDI security, flexibility (02 Sep 2015)

    Several IT pros from federal government agencies face the same dilemma as all IT: How to provide security and the freedom and flexibility to support a mobile workforce.

  • Week of 20 Jul 2015 VDI wrangles rogue Windows 10 upgrades (20 Jul 2015)

    Free Windows 10 upgrades may prompt users to move before IT is ready. VDI and other strategies can prevent app compatibility issues and helpdesk calls.

  • Week of 06 Jul 2015 IT fears some Citrix products, services may disappear (10 Jul 2015)

    Citrix's business model is shifting, as the company moves into new technology areas. And some IT pros worry about what that means for certain products.

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