VMware View guide

In this special report on VMware View, you'll learn about the pros and cons of this virtual desktop infrastructure product, how to install it and tools for managing a View environment. Also, read news following the evolution of this product and the major issues the server virtualization innovator has had in delivering virtualization to desktops.

Table of contents:

Weighing VMware View

What's new in VMware View 4.5 and ThinApp 4.6

VMware expert Mike Laverick writes that View 4.5 is a major step up from all previous releases. He explains some major changes made to VMware View, including WAN improvements, and the development of ThinApp -- its pros, cons and changes. But can View 4.5 close the gap between VMware and Citrix?

Why hypervisor lock-in is an advantage for VMware View

VMware locks its customers into the ESX hypervisor -- but the lack of diversity may be good for the vendor and its users.

Why hypervisor lock-in is a problem for VMware View

Although Citrix XenDesktop and Quest vWorkspace support a range of hypervisors, VMware vSphere only works with ESX. Find out why enterprises are right to be wary of being locked in.

The pros and cons of VMware View 4.5 Local Mode

Local Mode in View 4.5 provides offline support for virtual desktops, giving users portability and the ability to run applications when not connected to enterprise services. However, Local Mode poses challenges that IT pros should consider before deeming it the answer to disconnected VDI.

VMware VDI strategy includes bargain prices and new vSphere desktop

VMware's plan for VDI adoption is to sell View for cheap or give it away. Find out how the company is making its new licensing policy affordable for VDI.

The Layer 4 protocols behind PCoIP and HDX

VMware uses User Datagram Protocol for its remote desktop protocol, PC-over-IP, and Citrix uses Transmission Control Protocol for HDX. Consider the pros and cons of these technologies for your VDI environment.

Comparing Microsoft RemoteFX to VMware PCoIP

RemoteFX and PCoIP have similarities and differences, but the real battle between Microsoft and VMware's VDI protocols is at the hypervisor level -- it's Hyper-V versus vSphere.

Fast Guide to Microsoft's RemoteFX

This guide covers how Microsoft RemoteFX works, limitations found in the fine print, and how it compares to remote desktop protocols from VMware, Citrix and Quest Software.

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Implementing and managing VMware View

VMware View basics

New to VMware View? This series has you covered. Find info on installation, security, application virtualization and more.

Results of a View 4.5 and XenDesktop 5 POC: #Fail

An IT manager tests VDI products from Citrix and VMware for seven months of piloting the latest versions of XenDesktop and View. Read about the process he took and see what his verdict is in the end.

VMware View 4 installation tips for IT

Director of IT for the Orange County United Way and independent IT consultant Christian Metz shares his experience installing VMware View 4. He also offers some cost- and time-saving tips.

Managing VMware View 4.5 virtual desktops with PowerCLI

VMware View 4.5 supports PowerShell-based extensions, PowerCLI, to manage virtual desktop environments. Here are some useful cmdlets for creating virtual desktop pools.

VDI and systems management -- one tough puzzle

Some virtual desktop products integrate with enterprise management suites, but most VDI relies on its own consoles. Is that so bad?

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VMware View news

VMware details PCoIP bandwidth improvements for View 5 virtual desktops

VMware reduced the bandwidth required for PCoIP in View 5, but IT pros still want the company to address some remote protocol performance issues.

VMware View 5 to add profiles, PCoIP and client support

VMware will deliver some long-awaited features in View 5, such as Virtual Profiles and a storage management feature like that of Cirtix's IntelliCache, but customers of the VDI product won't get everything they ask for.

VMware View 4.6 to launch sans profile management

A new version of VMware View will arrive next week. And déjà vu! A certain key feature remains among the missing.

VMware View users forced to find alternatives for profile management

VMware pulled its profile management feature out of the View 4.5 beta, leaving customers with no choice but to shop around.

VMware vies for virtual desktop dominance with View 4.5

Before the release of VMware’s View 4.5, sources said the VDI software would have better management and tighter integration with ThinApp.

Virtual desktop clients for iPads here before enterprise demand

After VMware introduced a View Client for the Apple iPad -- a device more consumer- than enterprise-driven -- IT pros wondered when VMware would tackle more important enterprise needs.

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