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June 2010

Desktop virtualization notes From Brian Madden

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Brian Madden, creator of BriForum and, takes an in-depth look at desktop virtualization in this expert e-book. Read on for tips, suggestions, and insights from one of the leading experts on virtualization. Get your toughest desktop virtualization questions answered today.

About The Author

Brian Madden - Desktop virtualization expert and blogger

Brian Madden covers desktop virtualization technologies and ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Virtualization is more than just VDI
  • Why storage matters
  • Three issues to address
  • What is IOPS and why does it matter?
  • The dumbest thing you can do
  • The secret to desktop virtualization savings
  • How the *@&% is it possible for multiple users to share the same disk image?
  • How Win7 will affect your storage and virtual desktop environment
  • Does the storage protocol matter?
  • Multiple classes of storage are okay
  • Checklist: Ten questions to ask when evaluating your storage vendor
  • "TCO" and "ROI" confusion
  • Why VDI?
  • Five sure-fire ways to get canned
  • Which kind of virtualizer are you?
  • Why do people like VDI?
  • The vicious cycle of VDI storage
  • Virtualization architecture diagram
  • Personal notes

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