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Buying guide: Application virtualization tools

XenApp, ThinApp and App-V are very similar tools for application virtualization. Check out this buying guide to find out which one can meet your needs and work with your existing infrastructure.


The problem with nonpersistent VDI

Nonpersistent VDI sounds great in theory, but beneath the surface lay management and application compatibility nightmares. For these reasons, many shops look to persistent VDI, but new tools could make shared images easier to implement and manage.


Guide to buying zero clients

There are lots of client options to choose from for VDI. Get the details on four of the most popular zero clients and how they can meet your needs in this buying guide.


Virtual mobile infrastructure is like VDI for apps

New kid on the block virtual mobile infrastructure lets you run VMs with Android applications in the data center and then deliver those apps to any endpoint.

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Virtual Desktop Basics

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    How hot desking works

    Hot desking is the practice of maintaining fewer desks or PCs than there are employees who need them. The model helps cut overhead costs, but it can cause productivity issues if there aren't enough workstations.

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    Calculating VDI ROI

    There's no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to figuring VDI ROI. Look at vendor calculators to see which costs they factor in, but do the calculations on your own.

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    Using VMware's Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6

    VMware's Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6 lets VDI deployments span multiple data centers and makes managing large deployments easier. But if you have persistent desktops, you'll need a replication tool in case of an outage.

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