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Will Citrix enter the VMI market after acquiring Virtual?

Citrix bought Virtual, a company that makes an ARM-based hypervisor for mobile app test and dev and boasts a who's who of security experts on its staff. The acquisition seems natural, but what will come out of it remains to be seen.


VDI can benefit from networking advances

Offline connections still pose a problem when it comes to VDI sessions. How has networking evolved to allow for better connections over the WAN and to remote desktop sites? What tools and practices can virtual desktop managers apply?


Networks are tier 0 when it comes to VDI

For VDI sessions to work well, the network has to be fast. Advancements in WAN links, Wi-Fi and 4G, plus the continued spread of reliable networks over the world, are making it easier for workers to access VDI anywhere -- but things aren't perfect ...


How hybrid storage systems can save VDI deployments

To deal with boot storms and other times of peak demand, your first instinct might be to over-provision resources, but there's a better way. A hybrid storage system is often cheaper and gives better performance.

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    Fast guide to VDI user profile management tools

    You can manage profiles with Active Directory or the tools built into your VDI software, but third-party options from AppSense, RES software and Liquidware Labs offer more features and can reduce storage needs.

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    How hot desking works

    Hot desking is the practice of maintaining fewer desks or PCs than there are employees who need them. The model helps cut overhead costs, but it can cause productivity issues if there aren't enough workstations.

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    Calculating VDI ROI

    There's no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to figuring VDI ROI. Look at vendor calculators to see which costs they factor in, but do the calculations on your own.

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