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Can you use DaaS to deliver Windows apps to mobile devices?

DaaS has a lot of practical uses, but using it to deliver Windows applications to mobile devices is not one of them. Combine a DaaS tool with app refactoring, and now you're talking.


Native virtual desktops with Windows 10 Task View

The rumors about native virtual desktops in Windows 10 are true, but the feature might not be what you think. Task View is more of an organizational tool than a true virtual desktop.


Should you deliver VDI to mobile workers?

Before you let mobile workers use their tablets and smartphones to access virtual desktops and applications, consider the kinds of sessions you host, whether the UE will be any good and how many IP addresses it will take.

How Docker affects VDI admins

Docker uses Linux containers to make virtualization deployments easier to manage and scale. The concept isn’t new or revolutionary, but it has implications for the future of virtualization.

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Virtual Desktop Basics

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    Securing your cloud desktops

    You can't really make the cloud more secure, but you can take some steps to make hosting desktops and applications in the cloud a little less scary, such as picking the right provider and crafting a favorable SLA.

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    Five facts about DaaS

    In the classic 1950 film noir 'Sunset Boulevard,' Gloria Swanson opined, 'I'm ready for my close-up.' Now, so is DaaS, and there are some things you might not know -- like that the CIA uses AWS.

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    Answers on remote desktop connection brokers

    Remote desktop connection brokers are an important part of your VDI environment, so make sure you know how to pick the best one for you, and how to troubleshoot problems with it.

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