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Data gravity attracts desktops, drives DaaS

Light speed dictates how fast data in the cloud can reach a desktop -- aka latency -- and as more data is stored in the cloud, it only makes sense that desktops get pulled loft ward, too. DaaS is really data gravity pulling desktops to the cloud.


How all-flash storage arrays improve I/O

All-flash storage arrays are probably a little more expensive than what you have in place now, but they can work wonders to reduce boot storms and improve I/O.


What's missing from VMware's Workspace Suite

VMware's Workspace Suite attempts to bring Windows applications mobile devices, but without an app-refactoring tool, the user experience is still frustrating.

Three ways to use GPUs to improve VDI

It's OK to give in to application demands with GPU sharing, pass-through and vGPU. They render graphics on the back end rather than on users' devices, which means better performance on virtual desktops.

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Virtual Desktop Basics

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    How hot desking works

    Hot desking is the practice of maintaining fewer desks or PCs than there are employees who need them. The model helps cut overhead costs, but it can cause productivity issues if there aren't enough workstations.

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    Calculating VDI ROI

    There's no magic formula or one-size-fits-all approach to figuring VDI ROI. Look at vendor calculators to see which costs they factor in, but do the calculations on your own.

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    Using VMware's Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6

    VMware's Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6 lets VDI deployments span multiple data centers and makes managing large deployments easier. But if you have persistent desktops, you'll need a replication tool in case of an outage.

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  • VMware virtual desktop software

    Horizon DaaS apps as a service may aid mobile productivity

    Horizon DaaS customers will soon be able to deliver apps as a service. But IT still must ensure users can be productive on those apps no matter where they try to access them.

  • VMware virtual desktop software

    VMware partners for printing, Chromebooks graphics

    As VMware looks to compete with Citrix for EUC dominance, it's added a partnership with Google and Nvidia for Chromebooks graphics performance, and teamed up with Cortado for Horizon 6 printing.

  • VMware virtual desktop software

    Project Meteor may change VDI game for VMware

    VMware is looking to change the VDI equation by combining its CloudVolumes buy and new VM cloning technology into Project Meteor, plus other additions to compete with Citrix in the EUC market.